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How to Renovate a House on a Budget – 10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

How to Renovate a House on a Budget – 10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas Any homeowner can make significant home improvements that do not require much effort. This boosts the aesthetic appeal and property value, priming your home for a future sale. If you don't want surprises and unforeseen issues, it is recommended that you hire a professional [...] Read more


When considering expanding the functional space of our home, we usually think about performing a house extension or loft conversion. However, it is not always the best option. An extension requires much space. Lofts are best if you think of adding a bedroom or bathroom. But have you considered a basement conversion? Basement conversion – what’s [...] Read more

5 Things to know before you start a house extension

Extending your house sounds like a wonderful project to not only increase your enjoyment of living in it, but also to improve the property value. However, no matter what type of house extension you are intending to go with, there are a ton of things to know and decisions to make even before you begin. Here’s a list of useful tips that will [...] Read more

Can a bathroom renovation increase home value?

If you’re a homeowner looking to boost your property value, you probably considered renovating your bathroom at one point or another. However, not all renovations are cost-efficient and it may turn out that you spent more on the renovation than it is truly worth. So, does a bathroom renovation pay when it comes to increasing the value of your [...] Read more

Builders - who they are and what do they do?

To the unexperienced, a builder may sound very unspecific. You might be inclined to think that builders just “build stuff”. However, what are the specifics of what a builder does? What are the competences of a builder? How can they turn out to be helpful during a construction work on your property? Hopefully, this guide will shed some light on [...] Read more

How to best prepare before renovating your bathroom?

Bathroom renovation is a very, very extensive project, and unless you’re a professional (or worked in the builders trade in the past) who knows what to do, chances are you might find yourself a little lost. Do not worry, though, as you do not have to be a home designer to plan your own bathroom remodelling. We present you with an arrangement of [...] Read more

What is the difference between a joiner and carpenter?

If you are planning some extensive house improvements – like house extension or bathroom installation - on your property or maybe looking into becoming a handyman yourself, you should probably be aware of the difference between a joiner and a carpenter. This knowledge will hopefully allow you to better choose a professional fitting your [...] Read more

How to plan a successful house extension?

Are you planning your own house extension in the near future? Or maybe you are just curious and are looking for inspirations for the future? Either way, there are a lot of things to consider before you commit yourself to extending your home, and this list of ideas and tips will hopefully act as a cheat sheet when you finally get to it! Change your [...] Read more


Are you moving and thinking of selling your house in Scotland? Make sure to get the best deal! There are plenty of ways to increase the value of your home. The way to start? Check with your local estate agent if a major home improvement will add value to your property, and if there are any special areas of the property worth focusing on. Loft [...] Read more


Kitchen is the heart of your home. It is undoubtedly one of the favourite rooms, and also one where the family gathers and where lots of memories are produced. When you think of transforming your kitchen you want it to be a place that will be admired by friends and all your guests, and you want them to feel welcomed there. Surely you wish that it [...] Read more

What you should know before hiring bathroom fitters

When it comes to Bathroom, you want your project to be perfect and to last for a very long time. In Polbuilt, we know how important the quality of your bathroom is, but also how much you care about the costs. We will help you to renovate your bathroom on a budget. What are the costs of bathroom installation? The costs will vary, as each bathroom [...] Read more


The loft conversion becomes one of the most popular ways of getting extra space. You don't need a bigger land to extend your house. By going up, you can give your home not only additional space but also an extra view. Also, it may be more affordable and faster to do. How to start a Loft Conversion? If you are not sure where to begin with the [...] Read more


Are you planning a house extension in Scotland? PolBuilt, as an experienced building company, can help you realise your dream house! Why House Extension? House extension is a popular way of adding additional space to your house. Whether you'd like to have a larger kitchen, add some space to your living room or increase the number of actual rooms, [...] Read more

30-year-old’s firm in Glasgow has grown despite recession

DOMINIK Andrzeczak, 30, very much likes his adopted city. He came to Glasgow from Warsaw in 2004 when he was 21, to work and to study, and has since set up a thriving business called Polbuilt, a construction company that is a one-stop-shop offering all kinds of building work, from bathroom and kitchen renovations to extensions and all types of [...] Read more

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