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5 Things to know before you start a house extension

Extending your house sounds like a wonderful project to not only increase your enjoyment of living in it, but also to improve the property value. However, no matter what type of house extension you are intending to go with, there are a ton of things to know and decisions to make even before you begin. Here’s a list of useful tips that will certainly come in handy when you finally get to the work.

  1. Building Regulations

The first and most important thing to get around is whether or not your house extension in Glasgow will meet your local building regulations. While you may think you have the full right to proceed with the extension, building it in a way that is not agreeable with the building regulations may lead to fines. Make sure to get acknowledged with the requirements, especially when it comes to the building’s structural integrity and fire safety. Ventilation is also one of the aspects often overlooked by property owners.

Also, remember that your local regulations might require you to get not only a building warrant but also planning permission. Make sure to carefully read through the regulations, and if you are not certain, remember to ask a professional, just in case. We can refer you to our trusted architects and structural engineers that will assist in creating drawings of your project.

  1. The size of your house extension

small house extensionA considerable amount of property owners get so preoccupied with increasing the sheer size of their house that they do not think how that increased size might actually improve the property. Remember, the size is not all that matters. Sometimes it may be more advisable to think about space-saving solutions and making your house feel bigger, without actually adding many square meters to the property. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed with the costs and the result can be quite disappointing. Think smart, not big – more space to cover means more money spent on plasterers fees, for example!.

  1. Match the materials

brick house extensionRemember that you are extending your house, not building something entirely new. Make sure the materials, their texture and their colour match the existing property. If you are not sure what materials you used before, get professional tilers to assess them and pick the best fitting materials for the extension for you, considering the best value for money!


  1. Try to live off-site

It may feel natural for you to continue living at your property during its extension, but, if you can, consider moving out for a while. Not only are you risking damaging your existing property and gathering up dust, but you might also slow down the whole process of extending your house. The builders will have to work slower, more carefully, as they consider the safety of the people living in the house. Not only will it prolong the whole process, but it will also make it more expensive in turn. However, we carry out extensions both with and without clients living on-site, so we have experience in adapting to customers’ lifestyles on that matter.

  1. Consult with your neighbours

consult building extension with your neighboursWhile this may seem not to be a necessary step, it is always better to keep friendly relationships with your neighbours. Talk to them, tell them about your house extension plans. Invite them for a cup of coffee and ask them if they are okay with it. Not so long ago, we’ve had people write to us about their house extension. Only through dialogue, they managed to come to an agreement with their neighbours.

Stay calm and let them have their own opinion, even if they do not agree with your plans. Try, if possible, to reach a middle ground, but do not let the neighbours dictate to you how to proceed with the project. Remember that you are doing this out of your own goodwill.

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