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What you should know before hiring bathroom fitters

When it comes to Bathroom, you want your project to be perfect and to last for a very long time. In Polbuilt, we know how important the quality of your bathroom is, but also how much you care about the costs. We will help you to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

What are the costs of bathroom installation?

The costs will vary, as each bathroom needs to be treated individually. Each job needs to be priced in relation to its particular circumstances. For example, the cost of shower installation with be in a range of £500-£1000. Fitting costs of bathroom suites like toilet or basin will vary between £80 and £500 each. That's the job for plumbers. The shape, size and a state of your bathroom will tell us how long the renovation will take and how much materials we will need to use. We will be able to tell you the costs on the first meeting. Once we will have a look at your bathroom space, mostly we will know what kind of jobs will need to be done and how long it will take.

Bathroom renovation takes some time. How to speed it up?

When you order your fittings, it is important to make sure that you'll have them on a site on time. You may order them to be delivered before the job will start if you have a space to keep them safe. If this is not an option, you should make sure to order a delivery for the day when the bathroom fitters start the job. Also, it helps to have the tiles ready on a site, so tilers will have them ready to put on. It is very common that tiles are not an off the shelf products. It takes time to have them delivered, no matter if you order online or in store.

Full bathroom renovation

If your bathroom needs a full renovation, we offer a full range of trades. We will take care not only of the fittings and tiles but also our plumbers will make sure to connect everything accordingly. The team of our experienced plasterers will make sure to make a smooth surface to your walls and ceiling. The finishing touch will be in the hands of our professional painters and decorators. All of the extra accessories you require to put in your bathroom are mostly very easy and fast to fit. Just let us know about them before and we will help you with them.

It is very often that the bathroom renovation will include changes in the electricity. We are always in touch with our skilful electricians. They make our job going smoothly and they take away your worries involved in looking for the right electrician. They are there and communicate with you to make sure that everything is in the position that you want, and to advise you on all your fancy electric accessories.

What else to consider before your bathroom remodel?

No job in bathroom is mess-free. If you're worried about the disposal of the waste, we will take care of it. We work closely with the skip company which will take the disposal away for a very good price.

Sometimes there can be unexpected costs which may be influenced by complications which are not possible to see at the start, such us damaged hidden pipes. We always flag things like that and will never carry out any work before consulting and agreeing the cost with the client first. It is good to be aware of it. However, we will make sure to solve all the issues your bathroom might have. It is essential to hire a team which is experienced and trustworthy. Our professional workers are at your services. Our experience and skills mean that your bathroom will be fitted and renovated to the highest level. We are equipped with the right knowledge to do it quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to Contact Us if you want to arrange a free estimation for your bathroom.

We are ready to help you with your challenges, no matter if you require a standard bathroom, a wet room, or you have a plan for something including non-standard materials and fittings. We have experience with many types of projects.

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