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When considering expanding the functional space of our home, we usually think about performing a house extension or loft conversion. However, it is not always the best option. An extension requires much space. Lofts are best if you think of adding a bedroom or bathroom. But have you considered a basement conversion? 

Basement conversion – what’s there to know?

The basement is usually located close to the main living areas and the entrance. Such conversion can give you more flexibility in choosing what you could create. It is a brilliant way to create playrooms, a room for home entertainment, an additional bathroom or even a music room. Why not arrange a space with its own, exclusive entrance? It’s also a perfect option if you think of creating, for example, a home office or a gym!

Basement Excavation and Planning Permission

It’s especially convenient when your house has already an underground space which you could convert into a habitable area. Planning Permission is typically not required int his case. Although you may have to apply for the building warrant if your basement will need lowering the floor, or you would like to extend your basement beyond the borders of the house.

If you don't yet have any space underneath your house, the only option would be excavating the basement. This will require more structural work, to make sure that the house construction will be stable, which normally is quite a costly exercise. Moreover, it's essential to conduct a thorough site evaluation to detect any potential geological or hydrological issues.

In both options, it is important to contact the structural engineer – if needed, we can recommend one! Their expertise ensures that the structural integrity of your house remains uncompromised during and after the conversion. He will devise the structural blueprint that will hold your home. This blueprint will be developed in strict compliance with local building codes and industry best practices.

Also, you should engage a seasoned architect – again, we know and work with experienced local architects. He will not only arrange the layout of the basement but will take care of many aspects that are important in this kind of conversion. On top of the design aspects of the project, he will contact your local planning authority on your behalf. That will save you lots of time and worries.

What else do you need to know?

In addition, it is essential to understand the Building Regulations governing basement conversion and the Party Wall. Non-compliance can result in penalties or the need for costly changes down the line. The basement will need to meet the standards to ensure that it will be legally habitable. This involves making sure that your space has a minimum head height, ensuring adequate levels of insulation and creating emergency escape ways. All the structural works need to secure approval from a building inspector. This is to check if the works you carry won't impact the rest of your property.

The Party Wall is a wall shared by neighbouring buildings. It means that if you are planning an extension, alteration, underpinning or any excavation near that wall, this project will need a building warrant. You will have to agree with your neighbour over shared walls before all the works. It is important to make a notice at least one week before work begins.

Basement waterproofing and ventilation

With basement conversion, it is critical to ensure all floors and walls below ground level are completely waterproof. You can't allow damp to enter your house structure. Otherwise, all the work will be in vain. What's more, your basement needs appropriate ventilation suited to its volume to ensure an inflow of clean air and moisture transfer from the basement. Proper ventilation also aids in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. To find the best solution for your underground area, you have to contact an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

Benefits of basement conversion or excavation

A basement conversion is a premium solution people usually associate with luxury and convenience. Adding a useful living space in the basement is also economically sensible. While basement conversion can add 25 per cent to your house value, basement excavation can add even 60 per cent!

Not sure where to start? Trust the expetrise of professional builders!

When undertaking a project of this nature, you need the finest builders in Glasgow who guarantee flawless execution. You will need to have a company that can provide the full service, is experienced and trustworthy. Polbuilt isn't just a company offering a comprehensive suite of services; we are an experienced, trustworthy team dedicated to making your vision a reality. Our diverse team includes expert joiners, plasterers, tilers, painters, and decorators, who work seamlessly alongside electricians and gas engineers.

At Polbuilt, we champion a comprehensive approach. We manage every detail from start to end, ensuring all services and utilities blend seamlessly within the design. Our top priority? Your absolute satisfaction.

Contemplating a basement conversion but unsure how to kickstart the process? Feel free to Contact Us. From the very first call, we guide you towards realizing your renovation vision. Reach out today!

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