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What is the difference between a joiner and carpenter?

carpenter with sawIf you are planning some extensive house improvements – like house extension or bathroom installation - on your property or maybe looking into becoming a handyman yourself, you should probably be aware of the difference between a joiner and a carpenter. This knowledge will hopefully allow you to better choose a professional fitting your requirements.

While the two may sound similar, they are different trades and should be treated as such, even though both are construction-oriented. The joiner, to put it in simplistic terms, works with components that are joint together. These most often encompass elements such as doors, stairs, or windows, among others. A carpenter, on the other hand, deals with more general wooden constructions, most often working at the construction site itself to fit every element together.

So, what are the most typical commissions a joiner might do? These are usually done at the joiner’s own workshop, without him coming to the actual construction site. This may include such jobs as constructing frames for doors and windows, constructing custom, pre-fitted furniture, or constructing a staircase that will fit your personal requirements.

On the other hand, a carpenter will most often come to the construction site and work with you, helping you fit what a joiner has constructed. Installing new staircases or windows, or even cabinets and cupboards, are usually commissions for a carpenter. Moreover, a carpenter can do maintenance work, fixing the wooden components of your existing furniture, which a joiner will usually not do.

Now that you know the difference between the two trades, a crucial difference can be distinguished. If you need someone who will work with what you already have, installing it in place or fixing it, commission a carpenter. However, if you need specific elements created to your personal liking, contact a joiner (for example, joiners in Glasgow, like we’ve done) who will construct the elements required, and then get a carpenter to put them into place.

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