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Builders - who they are and what do they do?

To the unexperienced, a builder may sound very unspecific. You might be inclined to think that builders just “build stuff”. However, what are the specifics of what a builder does? What are the competences of a builder? How can they turn out to be helpful during a construction work on your property? Hopefully, this guide will shed some light on this topic and help you decide whether you require a builder or not.

What are the types of builders?

So, what does a builder do? This is not an easy question, as the tasks of a builder vary vastly from commission to commission, but the gist of a builder’s work is to coordinate everything going on during a construction work – including the work of various building trades, such as tilers, for example. While an architect designs the buildings, drafts blueprints and contacts with the commissioner, the builder is usually present on the construction site, overseeing the process and telling workers what to do.

Builders - overseeing and coordinating work on construction site

builder supervising the work

A builder is often involved in the construction process even before it begins in earnest. The builder is the person to contact if you do not know how to proceed with obtaining all the required permits yourself. A builder will take care of that, and, moreover, will prepare the land itself for construction. Surveying the land is a crucial part of any construction work, as it tells the crew how to proceed without violating the foundations or the drainage, for example.

Once the land is surveyed and ready for construction, builders remain on the construction site for the whole construction process, to advise and guide the workers so that everything is in accordance with the plan. The builders also work with external service providers, such as plasterers, plumbers and bathroom fitters, to correctly connect power and plumbing to the property. Carpentry work, painting, landscaping - all of these need to be supervised by someone, and the builder is the person who can make sure that every step of construction proceeds without any problems.

How to become a builder or "construction engineer"?

The other term for a builder is "construction engineer". He needs to read and implement the plans, organise smaller contractors and workers like plasterers, tilers, joiners on the site. Builder not only needs to understand the work personally but also has to know the building code regulations and interpret them. Builder needs to approve the work on the site by his sign and he is responsible for mistakes. That's why he needs to meet some qualifications requirements. In the way to technical certificate builders should take on-site practice. Majority of apprenticeships require GCSE grades A-C in Maths and a science resistant materials technology. 

Avoid cowboy builders - value quality, not only attractive rates

Throughout our career as builders in Glasgow, we’ve learned that the key to success is dedication and hard work.

According to new research by the Federation of Master Builders, many homeowners are so afraid of hiring cowboy builders that many of them don't want to outsource any construction work, causing the UK economy to lose as much as £10bn a year. The same study also showed that one-third of homeowners postpone large and urgent home renovations because of fear of hiring a dodgy builder.

Only by contracting a trustworthy, honest and experienced crew of builders can you be sure that your project won’t flop due to wrong contractors.

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